Unparalleled Access to Powerhouses Across the Globe

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Since 2009, Energy Exchange Group has been partnering with companies to build winning teams throughout North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America. By focusing on the industries of commodity trading, trading software and technology, and sustainability and operational management, EXG ensures an unparalleled density of expertise and connections in these sectors.

At EXG, we’re dedicated to the success of our clients, so we guarantee senior level recruiting support in all our searches. With our personal work experience at leading trading exchanges, our rapport with industry ‘A’ players results in client searches that are highly targeted and perfectly filled. When you partner with EXG, you know you’re getting the best of the best.

We collaborate with Enertech Search Partners to leverage energy recruiting expertise

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• Agriculture • Energy • Financial • Metals • Front Office • Middle Office • Back Office


• Exchanges • Market Data Technology • Trading Technology • Trade & Risk Management Systems


• Carbon tracking • Energy management • Environmental Compliance • Risk Management

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Patricia McNulty

Founder and CEO

Patricia founded Energy Exchange Group in 2009 when she realized there was an opportunity to provide the Commodity sector with recruiting services that truly understood the markets and the trading industry as a whole. With her expertise in these markets, first as a trader and later in sales, Patricia brings her deep industry knowledge to recruiting senior level management in Commodities and Financial related industries, with a particular emphasis on Trading and Technology that touches the trading world.

Before Energy Exchange Group, Patricia climbed the sales ladder at Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE) from 2001-2009. Initially, she supported product development and new market launches, before moving to the data group and eventually into client-facing sales. In her time at ICE, Patricia developed a strong grasp of the career demands and ambitions of professionals who work in these specialties, as well as what it takes for companies to find and retain top talent in those fields.

Previously, Patricia served as a sales representative for the Bloomberg PowerMatch Group, one of the first energy related trading platforms, where she also helped launch the Natural Gas market. She has also worked at HSBC on their Metals Desk, and traded Gold Options on the Nymex/Comex for SMW Trading. Patricia holds a BA in Economics from Columbia University.

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Jordan Moss

Associate Partner

Jordan joined the Energy Exchange Group in 2015, after an extensive career in financial services, first as a trader and then on the market data and sales side. The knowledge and contacts he developed across the marketplace are invaluable to a broad range of commodity clients as well as those in financial services.

Prior to joining the Energy Exchange group, Jordan helped grow the Commodities and Energy business as part of the Thomson Reuters Sales Team. He was hired to lead a strategic initiative to develop the trading and execution functionality for the Thomson Reuters Desktop. From there Jordan became a Sales Specialist with Thomson Reuters in the Commodities market. In that role, he was in charge of driving desktop sales and building strategic relationships across the globe. In his time with Thomson Reuters, he developed a strong understanding of the energy, agriculture, and metals markets.

Before Thomson Reuters, Jordan was an agricultural floor trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. During his years on the trading floor, he established key relationships with market participants in all sectors of the commodities marketplace. He continues to build new relationships and cultivate his current relationships to help companies find and retain top talent for their organizations. Jordan holds a BA from University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.