Maximize the power of your teams
Tap our deep trading and technology experience to find your next powerhouse
Leveraging the very best in energy technology recruiting
We’d proud to collaborate with Enertech Search Partners to maximize your access to top candidates and coveted opportunities
Give your career a jolt to the next level
As your ally in career advancement, we drill deep to find you opportunities that amp up your career.
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Trading & Sales Experience

With our backgrounds in trading and technology sales, we have the connections to the perfect candidate for your position.

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Top Tier Talent Network

By tracking the careers of professionals that excel, we have a pulse on who’s ready for a big opportunity

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Senior Level Attention

Dedicated to high quality results, we ensure your search gets executive attention. At EXG, your search is our focus.

  • Recruiters that add no value are of no value.  Trish takes the time and effort to understand my company and my market.  She makes sure that she understands not only the job function, but the culture of the company so that she matches the individual with the right talent, experience and personality.  Trish is a recruiter who works amazingly hard to find someone who will fit in and who will be successful.  Trish does not waste my time and so far all hires through her have been direct hits.  I HIGHLY recommend Trish.

    Rick NelsonCOO Commodities at Calypso Technology
  • Tricia took the time to understand not only the personality of my team but also the culture of the company and she was able to successfully help me with several placements.  Her knowledge of the business combined with the ability to understand her clients’ needs quickly really makes her stand out from other recruiters.

    Jeff BarbutoVP, Oil Market Development at ICE
  • I have worked with Patricia for over a year now and am happy to describe my experience with her as top-notch. Having worked with many recruiters in my past, I can honestly say that she is one of the few I plan to continue working with. Her knowledge of my industry is extremely helpful, but it is more about her as a person and a professional that I value. She is honest, tireless in her efforts and has the utmost integrity- which to me are the most important attributes in a recruiter. She is a true partner to me and I recommend her with 100% confidence.

    Diane Mitchell Head of HR, Noble Agri
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